Aerial Acrobatics

Luft Akrobatik:

In this class you will learn different aerial disciplines ( trapeze, rope, silks, hoop…) and learn about the safety around these disciplines. The class starts with a warm up and some floor acrobatic (necessary to understand some positions in the air ) and it finishes with some power training and a cool down. Both beginners and advanced classes have a strong focus into basic aerial technique; leading the students to find their own way to move and get as confident as possible.

Which class to chose

Beginners: This class is for people who have little or none experience in aerial and want to learn the basic moves.

If you are not sure whether this group is for you or not , here are some examples: you have a hard time climbing to the top of the rope,; you can not invert while in the air; you can’t do a proper tuck under the bar without touching it and you are not so comfortable yet being in the air/upside down

Intermediate: This class is for people with previous experience in aerial, in this group we won’t work on the basic moves because you already know them.

For example you can invert on rope/silks from a height, you can do a tuck under the bar, you can climb to the top of the rope, you can do a little sequence of moves on any apparatus without touching the floor in between moves, you can start working on some impros and you are already comfortable in the air

Advance: You have a lot of experience in aerial, you know all the basic and intermediate moves, you are able to work on dynamic moves, you can do a 5min sequence on any apparatus, you are keen  on working on some artistic research and to develop you own act, you are very comfortable in the air

You can always contact us if you have any questions about the differences of levels.